Tipsy Cowgirls 

Rustic Mobile Bar Services

What we do and why!

At Tipsy, we offer a wide range of services, from a Rustic Mobile Bar to a simply elegant drink cart. Having a mobile bar at events can provide convenience for guests as they have their drinks served directly to them without the need to wait in line or travel long distances to the bar. It also adds a unique and festive element to the event, creating a more interactive and enjoyable atmosphere for all guests. Additionally, a mobile bar can maximize space utilization and be easily transported to different event locations, making it a flexible option for various occasions and events. 

At Tipsy Cowgirls, we're committed to your safety and satisfaction. 

Our team of certified, experienced, highly skilled, and friendly bartenders make you and your guest's satisfaction our top priority.

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Just a bit about Tipsy

Tipsy Cowgirls, based in Alvin, TX, is a mobile bar and beverage services business.

The owners and their team of friendly and experienced bartenders strive to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for their clients. By offering exceptional customer service and personalized drink menus, they work hard to leave a lasting impression.


Tipsy Cowgirls has converted horse trailers into mobile bars! With its rustic design and decorations, The Dolly Bar complements celebrations with a romantic country-style ambiance. Compact in size yet fully stocked, this renovated trailer can occupy minimal space while serving a wide range of drinks.


The Tipsy team are happy to curate a custom menu of signature beverages for your occasion. For a decorative flair, your personalized list can be neatly displayed on the bar’s chalkboard menu. Depending on your preferences, the friendly bartenders are delighted to serve cocktails, beer, and wine for your joyous occasion. With packages for a variety of budgets, they aspire to ensure that your event  is one to remember.